martes, julio 24, 2012

Big fight

I need a poem
not a nice one
a poem

with eyes
and bones
like a monster.
With a jaw
so I can punch it
and break its teeth
if I need to.

I need no Shakespeare
I need
a solitary poem
that speaks bullshit
gets drunk 
and doesn't want to change a thing

A poem that no human being can understand
that crosses every line on earth
that doesn't fit in this paper
or that screen that your reading in...

don't know
can't understand
poetry at all
don't think I care anymore.

Reach the pencil and the paper
and write
to keep myself quiet and alive
in dead words

I'm afraid that
if we clean the room now
we just won't see the
ever again.

2 comentarios:

Carolina dijo...

Hey! Did you wrote this?
It is beautiful.

Nicolás dijo...

Yeah I wrote it... thank you very much!