viernes, abril 25, 2014

The National, The National, The National

Lo primero que revelo de mi es el amor atrevido que ocupa todo mi corazón: The National.  Una banda es el amor de mi vida, me hace sentir profundamente enterrado en mi con toda mi sangre y mis deseos. Su tristeza me acongoja, pero me libera y hoy quiero celebrar esa libertad. Cuando escucho The National me siento realmente triste, sinceramente triste y eso en algún punto debe ser muy valioso. Por lo menos eso quiero creer.

Bueno, sea lo que sea, hoy quiero compartir mis 20 canciones favoritas, en el orden de un set list de mi concierto ideal. No las jerarquizo de otra manera porque no puedo Y no quiero. Solo quiero hacer lo que siempre termino haciendo con las cosas que amo. Soñar hasta que duelan los huesos.

1. Abel 

"my minds not right!
my minds not right!
my minds not right!
my minds not right!" 

2. Bloodbuzz Ohio

"Leave my head on the hood of your car
I take it to far"

3. Little Faith

"Little faith, follow me
I set a fire in a blackberry field
make us laugh or nothing wil
I set a fire just to see what it kills"

4. Exile Vilify

it takes your mind

5. Graceless

"All of my thoughts of you
bullet through rock and through
come apart at the seams
now I know what dying means"

6. This is the Last Time

"Oh, don't tell anyone I'm here
I got Tynelol and beer
I was thinking that you call somebody
closer to you"

7. Hard to find

"Dont know why we had to loose
the ones who took so little space"

8. Guest Room

"They'll find us here
living here in the guest room
where we throw money at each other and cry
oh, my"

9. Daughters of the SoHo riots

"Break my arms round the one I love
and be forgiven by the time my lover comes
break my arms around my love"

10. Slow Show

"I wanna hurry home to you
put on a dumb, slow show
and crack you up
so you can 
put a blue ribbon on my brain"

11. Lit Up

"Cause you're the low life of the party, bad blood
bad blood for everybody, I'm in control and I believe"

12. About Today

"What can I say?
I was far away"

13. Brainy


"Everthing you say has water under it"

14. Think you can wait

"I'll pull the devil down with me
one way or another

I'm out of my mind
Think you can wait?"

15. I need my girl

"I keep feeling smaller and smaller"

16. Sea of Love

"Hey Joel, sorry I hurt you but
they say love is a virtue
don't they?"

17. Rylan

"Is it easy to keep so quite?
everybody loves a quite child"

18. You've done it again, Virginia

"Well you've done it again, Virginia
Made another masterpiece while I was dreaming
how does it feel to feel like you?
brilliant sugar, brilliant sugar, brilliant sugar
turn over"

19. Mistaken for Strangers

"Go ahead, go ahead
lo0se our shirts in the fire tonight"

20. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

"Leave your home
change your name
live alone
eat your cake"

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